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2019-01-05 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1.  Mint Works $80 - 運港中
It is shipping to HK now. 

2. The Quacks of Quedlinburg - 所有美國供快將售清此 Game
Nearly all US suppliers have sold out.

3. Wingspan $400 - 可預訂,3月8日推出。
Its preorder has started on Jan 2nd and itd MSRP is US$55. Release date will be 2019-03-08. Can preorder it now.

4. Asmodee Quick Order 2019-01-06 - 星期日載單。
Will place order for Asmodee items. Will arrive in 2 weeks hopefully. The new items are:
Ashes: The Ghost Guardian
Ashes: The King of Titans
Heroes of Terrinoth
Fallout: New California
Agricola: Bubulcus Deck
Isle of Skye: Druids
Mansions of Madness: Horrific Journeys
Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Guardians of the Abyss: Scenario Pack
Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Shattered Aeons: Mythos Pack
A Game of Thrones: Mother of Dragons
Pandemic: 10th Anniversary Edition + Painted Models
Pandemic: The Fall of Rome (stand alone)
Holding On
El Grande Big Box
L5R Q1 2018 Stronghold Kit
L5R 2018 #2 Reinforcement Kit
Mysterium Asmoplay Kit
A Game of Thrones 2018 #2 Tournament Kit
A Game of Thrones 2018 #3 Tournament Kit
Ashes Uprising Kit
L5R Battle for the Stronghold Kit
Tokyo Highway

and also other items:
The Estates KS Version $440
Brass:Lancashire deluxe KS Edition $630
Champions of Midgard: The Expansions (KS Jarl Level) $370

5. Ground Floor on Yucata - 又一好 Game 加到 Yucata
This game has just been ported to