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Aug Summer Sales 8月夏日優惠 --- 到貨 (Arrival)

New items:

2016-08-19 Heavy Games 到貨 (Heavy Games Arrival)

Lords of Xidit
The Castles of Burgundy
Dungeon Fighter (Sold Out)

Gangsi unbox


2016-08-16 到貨 (New Arrival)

龍年 / In the Year of Dragon
Loopin' Louie
Flower Road


2016-08-19 快閃訂棋 (Quick Order): Best of Gen Con

The below items have just been released in US, can order them now. Arrival date will be on Sep 4th.
以下是剛剛在美國推出的 BG,可即訂購。 會於9月4日到港。

2016-08-11 到貨 (New Arrival)

Skull King - Das Wurfelspiel
Game of Trains
Res Publica: 2230AD
Orleans - Fan-Kit Expansion (Sold Out)
Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice (German Edition)

Pre-order: Merchants of Araby (Kickstarter Edition)

2016-08-13 到貨 (New Arrival)

Time Stories
A Game of Thrones LCG: Calm Over Westeros Chapter Pack (Sold Out)

Aug Summer Sales Enchanced 8月夏日優惠加強版

再掃一次供應商的夏日優惠表,加了12 隻 Game。 本公司 Board Game Base 可為大家訂購以下產品: