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2018-09-17 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Pax Pamir: Second Edition KS - 會於它的KS完後開始接受預訂。價錢 $560
We will have preorder for this KS but only allow to start after the KS finished. Its preorder price will be $560

2. Pikoko - Hanabi 式的 Trick Taking? 美國已有貨,可訂。
Hanabi + Trick Taking? US suppliers have stocks now, csn order it.

3. Coimbra - 美國已有貨,希望這星期准許寄出。未下單的朋友請即下單,未必有額外存貨。
US has stocks now. Hope they will ship out in this weeks. If u still have not ordered it, please do it at once, may not have many spare copies after ship out.

4. Rajas of the Ganges on - 近期 Yucata 的新成員。
The most recent port to Yucata is Rajas of the Ganges, another good game for us, good.

5. Portal Games in Essen -
Detective, Imperial Settlers: Amazons, Monolith Arena

6. Ubongo: Fun-Size Edition - 原來此 Game 已售出五百萬盒? 又一新版本。
5 Million copies sold? They will have a new version for this game.

7. Everdell: Pearlbrook KS - 不會參與!
Will not join this KS.

8. Spirit Island and its expansion - 美國已有貨,會於一兩日內下單,未下單的朋友請即下單。
Some US suppliers started to have stock now. Will order it in 1 or 2 days. Please order