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About the new price of Escape Plan KS


You may find the preorder price of this KS has changed from HK$720 to HK$1090 suddenly. The whole story is:

Eagle Games has sent me an agreement to sign and stated that all international retailers should not set a price of the base game of Escape Plan + Upgrade Pack to be lower than HK$1090 (The price + shipping to HK is $760 in its KS page). They found our price $720 in our website and said we must change it to $1090 before its KS ends and keep this price until 90 days after delivery. If we don't do that, they will not sell this game and even their other games to our store. They stated that they don't expect the retailers to set a price to compete with their KS price.
Another news is that we will give a special gift to any customer who ordered this KS and prepaid $1090 to us. We will post the detail soon in our website.

你可能發現此 KS 的預訂價由 HK$720 變成了 HK$1090。 故事是這樣的:

Eagle Games 要求所有店舖需要簽了他們的協意書要以不低於 HK$1090 出售 Escape Plan + Upgrade Pack (他們在 KS 上的到港價為 $760)。他們發現我們之前的價錢為 $720 並要我們在其 KS 完結前加至 $1090 (直至貨到後9O天)否則將不會接受預訂此 Game 甚至其他產品。他們並不希望我們的價錢與其 KS 價作出競爭。
另外一個消息就是我們會送出一份特別禮物給各位以 $1090 預訂此 KS 並全數預付的朋友。詳情將於不日公佈。