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2018-07-13 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Power's Recent Wish List - 希望能盡快在加之前可減!
Hope I can remove some before I add more.

Masque of the Red Death Deluxe
Founders of Gloomhaven
Blocky Mountains
Dream Islands

2. My Little Scythe - 看完 Tom Vasel 的 Video Review 後,已中毒,希望下星期到貨可試。
After watched its video by Tom Vasel, poisoned by him at once and want to try it.

3. Coming KS pre-orders - 當收到報價後將會登出預訂詳情。
Will post their preorder detail after getting their prices.

Tang Garden
Eclipse Second Dawn
Dawn of the Zeds
Jackpet Joyride

4. Next US Quick Order: 2018-07-13 - 下次快閃下單,可訂以下產品:

We can order the following items in our next Quick Order:
Prowler's Passage
Feudum: Alter Ego
Feudum: Seals & Sirens
Feudum: Windmills & Catapults
Champions of Midgard: Valhalla
Champions of Midgard: The Dark Mountains
Mystic Vale: Twilight Garden
Kitchen Rush

5. 7 Wonders: Armada - Repos 將會推出的 7 Wonders expansion, 有船仔。知道價錢後會接受預訂。
Repos will release a new expansion for 7 Wonders and it will have some plastic ships included. Will post preorder for you after I get its price.
BGG Link:

6. Hannibal & Hamilcar KS - 從美國運港中,1O日內到,最後價錢如下:
It is shipping from US to HK now. Will arrive in about 10 days. Their final prices for all pre-ordered customers are:

Hannibal & Hamilcar $550 (List price $620)
Hannibal & Hamilcar: Sun of Macedon $60
Hannibal & Hamilcar: Price of Failure $60

7. Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small – The Big Box $340 - 已向供應商下了單但仍未知他們何時再有貨,請預訂。
Already ordered it to my supplier but don't know when will they have stock again. Please order.