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2018-06-04 最新 BG 情報 BG


1. One Week Ultimate Werewolf - 他們不設 Retailer Pledge,所以本店不會預訂他們的 KS,只會預訂於11月推出的 Retail 版。
Its KS creator has told me they don't have a retailer pledge and it will be released in US distributor in Nov.

2. Pax Porfiriana Collector's Edition - 我以為我已入了很多很多,足夠賣一世了,怎知又全部賣清。似乎全世界的批發商也沒貨了,繼 Pax Renaissance 又一 OOP.
I thought I have imported quite a lot of copies of this game, will sell it until the end of the world. So surprise that now I have sold it all out. All my suppliers in the world don't have this game now. It is another OOP item after Pax Renaissance.

3. Spirit Island, Spirit Island: Branch and Claw - 重印了,會於June 5th 快閃下單,如你還未在本網站下單請立即行動,希望在它售清前搶到貨。
My supplier has stock on them now, will have a quick order on them on 2018-06-05. Please order them in our website if you have not. Hope they will not be out of stock again before I place order.

4. Roll Player: Monsters & Minions - 所有供應商已全部没貨,不知可時再有。
All suppliers have sold out this item. Not know when will they have stock again.

5. Majolica - 作者已回覆本店,肯定並沒有受權任何人作為此 Game 的香港獨家代理或銷售,本店一早之預訂如常進行。已預訂的朋友們不用擔心。
The author has confirmed me there is no company in HK for sole selling this product. Our preorder to this product is running as usual. No need to worry about if you have placed order in our website.