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Summer Special Discount 2017-07-29


Our supplier has a summer special discount on the following items. Don't know how many stock they still have so I will place order on Aug 2nd. So if you want any of them, please order at once and before Wed (2017-08-02) 7pm. If the stock is not enough for all orders, first ordered first gets. This shipment will arrive around Aug 20th
Shipyard $320
Dungeon Lords: Happy Anniversary $640
Spyfall 2 $120
Terra Formars $100
Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City $190
Johari $170
Rattle Battle Grab the Loot $290
Ultimate Warriorz $230
Spike $240
Bomb Squad $230
Level 7 [INVASION] $370
Yeti $160
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