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2016-10-22 Heavy 到貨 (New arrivals)


We will inform you about your arrived items and arrange the pick up with you soon.
The new arrival list:



Premium USA Dark Orange Chimera Sleeves 57.5 X 89 MM C1601 (50) MDG7078 (Sold Out)
Euro Card Sleeve -Black Backed (100) (MDG 7042) (Sold Out)
Quartermaster General: Alternate Histories
Niagara: Spirits of Niagara Expansion (Sold Out)
Call of Cthulhu LCG: The Shifting Sands Asylum Pack (Sold Out)
Eight Minute Empire: Legends (Sold Out)
The Resistance: (3rd Edition)
Valley of the Kings: Last Rites
Star Wars X-Wing: Rebel Transport Expansion Pack (Sold Out)
Ultimate Werewolf: One Night
Valley of the Kings
Gobblet Gobblers (2015 version)
I Hate Zombies
Eight Minute Empire: Lost Lands
La Citta (Reprint) (Sold Out)
Family Games: Pengoloo
Mage Knight Board Game: Shades of Tezla Expansion Set
Seasons: Enchanted Kingdom
Time Stories: Under the Mask
Time Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons
Mage Knight Board Game: Krang Character
Marvel Dice Masters: The Uncanny X-Men Dice Building Game Starter Set
Token Trilogy