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2020-11-27 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. New added pre-orders: 新增 Pre-order
ENDLESS WINTER - Paleoamericans (Shaman Pledge)(Kickstarter)
Fantastic Factories: Manufactions (Kickstarter)
Feed the Kraken Deluxe (Kickstarter)
Campaign Trail: Green Party Expansion (Kickstarter)
Grand Austria Hotel: Let's Waltz! Expansion + upgrade pack (Ballroom Entry)(Kickstarter)
2. Next US Quick Order 2020-11-30 --- 供應商有以下現貨,可訂。
Our supplier the following stocks now, you can order or join:
Far Away
Caesar: Rome vs Gaul
1918/1919: Storm in the West
Call to Adventure
Spirit Island: Premium Token Pack
Undaunted: North Africa
Power Grid Fabled Expansion Cards
Beyond the Sun
Star Realms: Colony Wars
Star Realms: Scenarios
Star Realms: Frontiers
ZU Tiles: Hime
Animal Upon Animal, A Christmas Stacking Game
Quartermaster General 2nd Edition: WW2
Hello Neighbor - The Secret Neighbor Party Game
Aeon`s End DBG: Return to Gravehold Expansion
Coup: Reformation Expansion 2nd Edition
Coup: Rebellion G54 - Anarchy Expansion
Red Outpost
Detective: Season One
Detective: Dig Deeper
Survive: Escape From Atlantis - 30th Anniversary Edition
Flamme Rouge: Meteo
The Menace Among Us
3. KS pre-orders Coming Soon --- KS 預告
Bios:Mesofauna & Galenus
Freedom Five
Atlantis Rising: Monstrosities
4. Bonfire $450 - 已全部售清,下一水於二至三星期到。
It has arrived and all sold out. Next shipment will arrive in 2 to 3 weeks.
5. Hidden parts under Dwellings --- 注意,在 Legendary Edition,有部分配件隱藏在最底層。
In the Legendary Edition, please beware that there are some components under the bottom of the game box.
6. Campaign Trail: Deluxe Base + Expansion (Kickstarter) $680 --- 新增了此組合。
New option added to this KS pre-order
7. Greenville 1989 (German Edition) $300 --- 已看完它的 Rulebook,是一隻你要估計其他人下一個故事發展的合作遊戲,整個 Game 充滿著奇幻鬼異的場景圖片,由每個玩家創作他們獨特的故事。
Read its rulebook and have high expectation for this game. A coop game that everyone needs to predict what other people will do next in order to survive.
8. Resident Evil 2 - The Board Game --- 供應商減至 $680
Its price from supplier dropped to $680 now
9. Coatl $320 --- 二至三星期到港
It has been released and will arrive at HK in 2 to 3 weeks.