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2020-07-08 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. New added pre-orders: 新增 Pre-order
Infinities: Defiance of Fate (Kickstarter)
Multiman Publishing MMP
Rallyman: DIRT (Kickstarter)

2. Next US Quick Order 2020-07-10 --- 供應商有以下現貨,可訂。
Our supplier the following stocks now, you can order or join:

Cat Lady: Box of Treats
Nevada City
My Little Scythe: Pie in the Sky
Between Two Cities
Quartermaster General WW2
Dune Board Game: Ixians & Tleilaxu Dune House Expansion
Silver & Gold
Roll Player: Monsters & Minions
Alone: Alpha Expansion
Unmatched: Jurassic Park - InGen vs Raptors
Europe Divided
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio
Dragon Shields: (100) Clear
Dragon Shields: (100) Matte Clear
Werewords Deluxe
Through the Ages: New Leaders & Wonders
Bang!: The Dice Game
BANG!: The Dice Game, Old Saloon Expansion
Origami Legends
Spirit Island
Unmatched: Battle of Legends Vol. 1 - King Arthur, Alice, Medusa, Sinbad
Dark Souls
Terraforming Mars: Venus Next
Terraforming Mars: The Colonies
Alone: Core Game
Alone: Alpha Expansion
Marvel Champions LCG - Core Set
Marvel Champions: Black Widow Hero Pack
Marvel Champions: The Card Game – Thor Hero Pack
Marvel Champions LCG: Black Panther Game Mat
Marvel Champions LCG: She-Hulk Game Mat
Marvel Champions LCG: Spider-Man Game Mat

3. Through the Ages: New Leaders & Wonders --- 只有一個美國供應商還有現貨。
Most of US suppliers have sold it out. Only have 1 supplier still has stocks.

4. The Crew --- 又全部售罄,下水將會在八月。
It has been sold out again. Next arrival maybe in Aug

5. Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun $450 --- 美國會於七月三十日正式發售,可能會於二至三星期到港。
Its US release date is July 30th. It may arrive at HK in 2 to 3 weeks, not sure yet.

6. Wingspan $450 --- 內部消息顯示美國再發售日為七月十七日,希望七月尾可到港。
Our insider news shows it will be in stock again in US on July 17th. Hope it will arrive at HK at the end of July.

7. Terraforming Mars: Prelude --- 奇怪,只有這個 expansion 全部供應商均沒貨。傳聞七月中重印,不確定。
It is out of print now. Rumor said it will be reprinted in middle of July.