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2020-04-17 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. New added pre-orders: 新增 Pre-order
Paris: Deluxe Edition (Kickstarter)
Trekking The World (Kickstarter)
Pax Viking, Pax Renaissance 2nd Edition, High Frontier (4th Edition) Module 3 – Conflict (Kickstarter)
Good Puppers (Kickstarter)
Ausonia (Master Tier)(Kickstarter)

2. Next US Quick Order 2020-04-17 ---
Will order the following items, you can join:

Twice as Clever
Terraforming Mars
Survive: Escape from Atlantis 30th Anniversary
Escape Tales: Low Memory
The Resistance: Avalon
Cutthroat Caverns: Anniversary Edition
The Grimm Forest
Spirit Island: Branch and Claw
5-Minute Marvel x 3
Tiny Epic Zombies

3. The Crew --- 推至五月重印。
Supplier said it will be delayed to May.

4. Oceans: KS Bundle cards #1 and #2 $100 --- 已加上本店並且有現貨。
They have been added to our site and are in stock now.

5. Transatlantic on --- 已加入 Yucata
It has been ported to Yucata now.

6. Brass: Birmingham --- 所有美國供應商已售罄,要等重印。
All sold out in US.

7. Terra Mystica, Gaia Project --- 美國 Capstone 快會發行此兩系列作品,即是 Asmodee 再沒有他們的發行權了。真是好消息,以後所有代理商都可入到貨了。
US Capstone will release this series in US soon, Asmodee has no right to publish them. It is a good news. Finally all distributors can carry these items now.