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Black Angel


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Humanity, through its irresponsible behavior, has rendered Earth

uninhabitable. The greatest nations are forced to share their knowledge 
in order to create the largest spacecraft ever constructed: the Black 
Angel. Its mission: Transport the genetic heritage of Humanity to a new 
home planet.
Players are the Black Angel’s AIs striving to be the one that oversees 
the reawakening of humanity once the ship arrives at planet Spes, 
humanity’s new home. They must make the most of the robots and 
resources under their control, explore Space, escape the formidable 
Ravagers, and learn to use new technologies discovered through contact 
with benevolent Alien species to earn the highest score. 

•   New game from the designers of Troyes (Sébastien Dujardin, Xavier 
Georges and Alain Orban)
•   Highly strategic game with intuitive rules

•   Amazing components create a truly immersive experience


1 Black Angel Gameboard, 4 Player Boards, 7 two-sided Space Strips, 
1 Planet Spes Tile and 1 Planet Spes Token, 1 Frigate Figurine, 20 Ship 
Figurines, 64 Robot Figurines, 18 Dice, 12 Starting Technology Tiles, 48 
two-sided Technology Tiles , 16 Advanced Technology Tiles, 60 Mission 
Cards , 30 Ravager Cards, 8 Discs , 40 Resources, 30 Damage/Debris 
cubes, 1 First Player token, 12 Solo Cards, 4 Player Aids, 1 Rulebook 
and Appendix.

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