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Essen 2022 (Spiel '22) pre-order list


又是建立這個 Essen 2022 (Spiel '22) pre-order list 的時候了,會不停更新有關資料以方便大家訂購新 Game。歡迎提供任何資料。
Now let's list out all those hot games in Essen 2022.  We will keep update the below list for you to pre-order. You are welcome to recommend any game we missed in this list.

通常供應商只會有少量 Essen games 運到,所以先到先得,請即下單。
Usually, the qty of Essen games shipped by our supplier to us will be very limited. So it will be first come, first served. Please place order at once.


  No. of Records:57
Photo Status Title Price (HK$)
預訂 Air Mail 380
預訂 Akropolis 300
預訂 Astra 280
預訂 Atiwa (German Edition) 500
預訂 Autobahn (Kickstarter Exclusive Edition)(Kickstarter) 600
預訂 AZUL Master Chocolatier (Limited Edition) 400
現貨 Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collector's Edition (Royal Pledge)(Kickstarter) 1400
預訂 Cat in the Box: Deluxe Edition 200
現貨 Catherine: The Cities of the Tsarina (Katharina) 360
預訂 Clever 4Ever (German Edition) 120
預訂 Crescent Moon 680
預訂 Crossing Oceans 420
預訂 Deal with the Devil 540
預訂 Decorum 360
預訂 Discordia 550
預訂 Dom Pierre 460
現貨 Factory 42 (Deluxe Edition) 630
預訂 Fancy Feathers (Fasanerie) 100
預訂 Findorff 500
預訂 Fire & Stone: Siege of Vienna 1683 400
預訂 First in Flight Collector's Edition (Kickstarter) 560
預訂 Flamecraft: Deluxe Edition (Flamekeeper)(Kickstarter) 720
現貨 Founders of Teotihuacan 400
預訂 Galaxy Trucker: Keep on Trucking 220
預訂 Hamlet: Founder's Deluxe Edition (Kickstarter) 570
現貨 Hippocrates 480
現貨 Human Punishment: The Beginning (Leader pledge)(Deluxe All-in)(Kickstarter) 930
預訂 Isle of Trains: All Aboard 200
預訂 Kites 160
預訂 Kohle & Kolonie Second Edition 860
預訂 KuZOOkA 280
預訂 Lacrimosa 600
預訂 MicroMacro: Crime City 3 - All In 250
預訂 Mosaic Deluxe Kickstarter Exclusive Edition (The Colossus Pledge)(Kickstarter) 1300
預訂 Mosaic Kickstarter Edition (The Sphinx Pledge)(Kickstarter) 720
預訂 Orconomics 280
預訂 Orichalcum 380
預訂 Ready Set Bet 320
預訂 Revive 600
預訂 Rise (by dlp) 420
預訂 Sabika 500
預訂 San Francisco 300
預訂 Septima Deluxe Edition (Kickstarter) 700
預訂 So, You've Been Eaten 280
現貨 So, You've Been Eaten Collector's Edition (Kickstarter) 440
現貨 Split 100
現貨 Stroganov Deluxe (Kickstarter) 720
預訂 Terra Nova (Simplified Terra Mystica) 420
預訂 Terracotta Army 540
預訂 The Palaces of Carrara Deluxe (Gamefound) 800
現貨 The Red Cathedral: Contractors 240
預訂 This War Without An Enemy from Ares game 550
預訂 Tiletum 480
預訂 Toko Island 240
預訂 Undaunted: Stalingrad 920
預訂 Village Rails 220
現貨 Wonder Woods 220