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Dinosaur Island: X-treme Edition (Kickstarter)


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The X-treme edition is a chance for Team Pandasaurus to add some really fun stuff to Dinosaur Island that they couldn't afford to include at retail.

This edition will include almost all of the stretch goals from Dinosaur Island 1.0 Kickstarter: the Dino Meeples, new slimmer metal coins, researcher Beaker Meeples, and all of the Kickstarter exclusive plot twists (Purple Die, VIP Meeples, Extra Hooligans) that weren't able to include in the retail edition of the game for cost reasons. Oh, and a brand new slap-bracelet first player marker that is exclusive to the X-Treme edition. And of course, spot UV and metallic ink on the box lid!

This edition will be a Kickstarter exclusive and will not be available at retail.

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