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2021-08-15 最新 BG 情報 BG Insider News


1. New added pre-orders: 新增 Pre-order
Villagers: Shifting Seasons (Kickstarter)
Paris l'étoile: Deluxe Expansion (Kickstarter)
FLORENCE – Opulent Area Control (Kickstarter) and Addons
Architects of the West Kingdom: Works of Wonder (Kickstarter)
Oros: Collector's Edition (Kickstarter)
Flamecraft: Deluxe Edition (Flamekeeper)(Kickstarter)
2. Next US Quick Order 2021-08-18 --- 供應商有以下現貨,可訂。
Our supplier the following stocks now, you can order or join:
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea
Anno 1800
Exit: The Cursed Labyrinth
EXIT: The Deserted Lighthouse plus Puzzle
FIEF France
Imaginarium: Chimera
Ashes: Reborn - Upgrade Kit
Raiders of Scythia
That`s Pretty Clever
Twice As Clever
Flamme Rouge: Peloton
Fast Sloths: The Next Holiday
The Grimm Forest: The Grimm Masquerade
3. KS pre-orders Coming Soon --- KS 預告
Stellaris Infinite Legacy
Eternal Palace
Paperback Adventures - A Novel Solo Word Game
Forests of Pangaia: Premium Edition (Kickstarter)
4. Recent all-sold-out BGs 近期供不應求的 BGs -
MicroMacro: Crime City
Solo Hero Series: Warp`s Edge
Dune: Imperium
Beyond the Sun
5. Yucata --- Mottainai and Zola 已被移植。
Mottainai and Zola have been ported
6. Keyper $250 - 供應商大減價。
Our supplier has special discount on this item.
7. The Witcher: Old World Deluxe Box(Gameplay All-in)(Kickstarter) $3200 --- 已加到網站上。
Just added to our site
8. Small City Deluxe KS --- 會於2022-02 登上 KS
Will launch on 2022-02
9. Drum Roll $170 --- 供應商大減價。
Our supplier has special discount on this item.
10. Battle Line (11th printing) $140 --- 終於會於十月有重印。
Its reprint will be released in Oct
11. MicroMacro: Crime City, MicroMacro: Crime City – Full House --- 會於九月重印。
It will reprint in Sep.