Honshu (Episode 76) 玩一次 by Board Game Base


2017-08-10 to 08-13 Horrible Arrivals Part 1 to 5

We will inform you about your arrived items and arrange the pick up with you soon.
The new arrival list:

2017-06-23 to 08-07 New Arrivals

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2017-08-11 最新情報

1. Millennium Blades: Fusion -
My supplier has stock now, can order.

2. Millennium Blades: Final Bosses -
My supplier has stock now, can order.

Pre-order: Who Goes There? (Kickstarter)

本公司 Board Game Base 將於預訂以下貨品,預計大約2018年5月到港

Pre-order: Founders of Gloomhaven (Kickstarter)

本公司 Board Game Base 將於預訂以下貨品,預計大約2018年1月到港

2017-08-02 最新情報

1. Exit - 已全部售清。未知可時有第三水。
Exit have all been sold out. Not sure when will be next shipment.

More items on special discount - Warmachine

Warmachine: Wrath (Softcover)

Warmachine: Wrath (Hardcover)

Hordes: Domination (Softcover)

Warmachine: Colossals (Softcover)

Warmachine: Colossals (Hardcover)

Board Game Base Top 20 Ordered (2017-08-01)

1. Great Western Trail (GE/Eng Edition, Pegasus)
2. Sushi Go Party