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2019-11-30 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. New added Kickstarter pre-orders: 新增 KS
1861: Russia / 1867: Canada
Stronghold: Undead
Tungaru – Deluxe Edition
Dice Throne Adventures (Champion)

2. KS preorder deadline:
Europa Universalis: The Price of Power Deluxe Edition

3. Next US Quick Order - 2019-12-10
Will order the following items, you can join:

Heart of Crown: Path Before Heaven
The Taverns of Tiefenthal
Hail Hydra
Escape Tales: Low Memory
Werewords Deluxe

4. Lords of Hellas: Leonidas - 已收到,請 PM 交收。
It has arrived, ready for pick up.

5. Essen 2019 items shipping to HK (2 to 3 weeks) -

6. Nemesis: Medic - 出版社說會在12月寄出。
They will ship it to us in Dec.

7. Nemesis - Awaken Realms 不會再印 Nemesis 了,他們已授權 Asmodee 在美國推出英文版,發售日為 2019-11-15,到現在還未見有貨出現,似乎又推遲了。
Awaken Realms will not reprint Nemesis anymore. They have sold its retail edition to Asmodee and its MSRP of the core is US$149.99, US street date is Nov 15.

8. Terraforming Mars: Turmoil (Retail Edition) - 美國發售日延遲至 2019-12-30
Its US release date has been delayed to 2019-12-30

9. Maracaibo - 美國發售日延遲至 2019-12-07
Its US release date has been delayed to 2019-12-07

10. Marco Polo II (German Edition) - 德文版已推出,英文版可能於 2020-01 面世。
Its German Edition has been released, for English Edition, probably will release in Jan, 2020