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Dwellings of Eldervale (Legendary Pledge)(Kickstarter)



Includes everything in the standard and deluxe editions, (custom wooden meeples and dwellings, 16 unique playable factions, dozens of Dwellings specific GameTrayz, tons of dice, modular boards, over 100 pieces of incredible fantasy art, 9 deluxe miniatures with color and wash, 20 metal dragon coins, 100 wooden resources) PLUS all the legendary tier items  - another 9 monster miniatures, the Bifrost realm and cool set of sound fx bases for all 18 monsters!! This also includes all stretch goals for the legendary edition on Kickstarter such as color minis, washed minis, the exclusive Oracle and Dragon's Den realms, Mother of Dragons monster mini, Frost giant monster mini, secret miniature and more.

List price: HK$1,200.00
Price: HK$1,200.00
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