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Pre-order: Stockpile: Illicit Investments Expansion (Kickstarter)


本公司 Board Game Base 自 2014 以來因着各位顧客和各大 BG 商户的支持,已預訂之 Kickstarter 項目,不知不覺總數已超過 240 個。會繼續努力根據各位之要求加入更多新 KS 項目。
We, Board Game Base, due to the supports from all of our customers and BG stores, has pre-ordered more than 240 Kickstarter projects since 2014. We will do our best to add more new KS items to our online store based on the requests of our customers.


We now will pre-order the below items. The expected arrival date will be 2019-11

Stockpile All-in Ever (Epic Tier)(Kickstarter) 一 零售價 (List Price) $600 預訂價 (Pre-order price) $550

Stockpile: Illicit Investments (Kickstarter) 一 零售價 (List Price) $130 預訂價 (Pre-order price) $130

Stockpile: Both New and Original Promo Packs (4)(Kickstarter) --- 零售價 (List Price) $120 預訂價 (Pre-order price) $120


預訂於 2019-07-10 完結。。售價回復至零售價。請於完結後一星期內付款。
The pre-order will be ended on 2019-07-10 and the pre-order price will not be offered anymore. Please pay the order within one week.

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Hang Seng Bank
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