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2019-03-01 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Tokyo Highway - 終於 itten 提供了 4P 版本的英文說明書下載。
Finally itten has posted the English rulebook for 2 to 4P version now.

2. Wingspan - 第一水只會有6盒,第二印將會於四月推出。此 Game 需求超大,如未下單的話,請即下單。
My supplier will only ship 6 copies of it to us in its 1st print. Its 2nd print will be in April. So please order it now if you still have not and want to get a copy in its 2nd print. The demand on this game is huge.

3. The Castles of Burgundy (2019) $460 - 由於已有太多訂單,我們已立即向供應商付款留貨。請各位於 2019-03-15 前預付 $460 以便確保可在第一水取貨。
Since we have already received lot of orders on this item, we have paid our supplier already to ensure they will ship our order in its first shipment. So please prepay $460 before 2019-03-15 to reserve it even you have placed order already.

4. In the Year of the Dragon 10th Anniversary Edition $260 - 供應商現正提供優惠,可訂。
Our supplier has special discount on it. Can order it for you.

5. Throw Throw Burrito KS - 雖然他們很有禮地回覆了我他們並未有任何計劃給與折扣給 Retailer,但他們所有的 KS 都是 Retailer Unfriendly 的,所以只有等它的 Retail 推出吧!
Though their reply is friendly in tone but the fact is this publisher is never retailer friendly, that means they never have offer to retailers and not allow US distributors to sell it outside of US. So will not have a preorder on it, just wait for its retail version with a lower price.

6. Doppelt so clever - 運港中。
Shipping to HK now.

7. Next US Quick Order - 2019-03-04 - 可加任何 BG,請在網站下單。
You can join this order too, please place order in our site.
Items will be ordered:

Maximum Apocalypse
Spirit Island
Roll Player
Roll Player: Monsters and Minions
Yellow & Yangtze
Epic Card Game
Epic Card Game: Pantheon
Hail Hydra
Escape Tales
The Pursuit of Happiness
Aeon's End: Buried Secrets

8. Gamer Over! A Game Fair Murder Mystery $300 - 終於有供應商有了,可訂,星期一8pm截單。
Finally a supplier has this item now, can order, deadline will be Monday 8pm.