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2018-12-26 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Ulm on - 已移植至 Yucata,正!
They have just ported it to Yucata, good.

2. Gloomhaven: Removable Sticker Set $80 - 供應商終於有貨。
Our suppliers have stocks again. If you have not ordered it yet, please do it before it sold out.

3. The Mind English Edition $100 - 供應商終於有貨,運港中。
Our suppliers finally have stocks in US now. Will import some to HK.

4. Gloomhaven 3rd Print - 相同的故事又出現在此 Game 上,因為會出中文版,供應商又不能賣英文版到香港,又要找 Issac 講講數。
Since my supplier will have Chinese edition, they cannot sell English edition to HK. Need to check with Issac again.

5. Fog of Love reprint - 供應商會於一月有貨,可預訂。Expansion 亦會於二、三月到貨。
My supplier may have its base game in Jan, please order it if you have not.
For its expansion, will have it in Feb or March.