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2018-12-13 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Welcome To... KS - 已將全部 Welcome To Addons 加到本店,請下單。
All addons have been added to our online store for u to preorder. Please search "Welcome to".

2. Arkham Horror 3rd Edition - 下次到貨才會有。
Need to wait next shipment.

3. The Quacks of Quedlinburg $400 - 運港中,希望兩星期內到。
Shipping to HK now, hope will arrive in 2 weeks.

4. Wingspan - Stonemaier 已把此 Game 加了到 BGG 和他們的官方網站,就是上回所說的 Terraforming Mars + Gizmos 新 Game,那些雀鳥的圖片都非常華麗,一月二日會有詳細公布。
Stonemaier has added it in BGG, they will announce its sell sheet and MSRP on Jan 2nd. It is the game I have mentioned in our last news that it has Terraforming Mars + Gizmos gameplay. Artwork of those birds are so pretty.

5. Cryptid - 所有供應商已全部售清此貨,要等 restock.
All suppliers have sold out this item. May need to wait for its restock.

6. Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon (Kickstarter) preorder - 仍然等他們的報價。
Still waiting for their quote.

7. Keyforge Archon Deck $80 - 已到港,但不夠全部訂單,所以很多朋友都不被派貨。供應商會再入貨但未有日期,有貨即運港。未下單的朋友請即下單。
It has arrived at HK but not enough to fulfill all of our orders. Our supplier will restock it asap. Once they have stock, will ship to me at once. If you still have not ordered it, please do it at once to get a seat.