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Potato Man ( Multilingual edition)


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不要看輕這隻小小一盒的 Potato Man,它取得了德國 "Spiel des Jahres 2014" 高度推薦的榮譽。
其實它是一隻非常簡單的 Trick taking Card Game,5分鐘教學。卡牌分為4種顏色,每人每回合順次序打出一張手牌,該牌必須與已打出的顏色不同,(5人時例外) 最後看誰的點數最大就勝了那一Trick,可根據顏色獲得薯包卡,不同顏色有不同包數,如紅色只有一包而黃色則有4包。當其中一種顏色的薯包給取清了後,便可開始取得金色的薯包卡了,而每張金卡則有5個薯包!這 Game 還有一個特別的地方,就是其中黃色有3張 Potato Man 薯仔超人,而紅色則有3張 Evil Potato 薯仔怪獸,超人的職責當然是對付怪獸,當別人打出了怪獸牌,你便可打出超人牌來勝出。最後End Game時取得最多薯包者勝。
感覺上是一隻非一般的 Trick Taking Game,經常給你意想不到的結果,是一隻易學難精的 Card Game。


Potato Man is a trick-taking game with the largely unused theme of potatoes in which you can sometimes achieve the highest scores with the smallest potatoes.

After dealing the cards out, players each play one card to the center of the table to form the "trick" – but each of the four colors can be played only once. (The exception: In a five-player game, one color can be played twice.) Whoever plays the highest card wins the trick – except that the three least valuable cards of each color (e.g. 1, 2, 3 of yellow) win the trick if one of the three most valuable cards of a color (e.g. 16, 17, 18 of red) would win otherwise. Whoever wins a trick leads to the next trick.

Each color has its own small deck of scoring cards with increasing values, and when a player wins a trick, he takes the topmost scoring card of the corresponding color. Thus, the more tricks that have been won with this color, the more valuable the next trick won with this color will be. Thus, you want to keep high cards of a frequently winning color in your hand in order to maximize your points – but the round ends as soon as a player cannot play a card due to the restrictions on which cards can be played in a given trick.

Players tally their points, then begin a new round, with the game lasting as many rounds as the number of players. In the end, whoever tallies the most points wins!

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