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2018-08-20 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Symphony No. 9 and Mini Rails - 希望兩星期內到貨。
Hope they will arrive in 2 weeks.

2. Brass Lancashire - 8月22日美國出街,只有 4.3 lbs,因沒有了 Clay coins.
It will be released in US on Aug 22nd. Its weight is 4.3 lbs only because retail edition does not have clay coins.

3. Renegade - 美國已有貨,可訂。
Our suppliers have stock now. Can order.

4. Tokyo Highway - Asmodee 將會推出美版 US$49.99. 又一日本設計師打入美國市場。
Asmodee will release its US edition US$49.99. That means the designers of this game will enter the US market soon.

5. Root - 九月出 Retail Base
Retail version base will be released in Sep

6. Carpe Diem $320 - 九月出街,可預訂。
It will release in Sep, can preorder now.

7. Valletta on - 剛被加入到 Yucata,又多一隻 Game 可選了。
Just being ported to Yucata, more games for u to choose now.

8. AVStudioGames Quick Order - 會於今晚或明晚下單,如你未下任何單,可訂以下項目:
Will place order to Alban tonight or tomorrow. Can order any of the below for you if you have not ordered any from me:

Card City XL 280
Card City XL Crime Expansion 60
Tramways Engineer's Workbook 250
Tramways base game 470
Tramways Paris/New York 180
Tramways Grand Station 150
Tramways Blue Expansion 150
Age of Steam : The Moon 150
Age of Steam: Holland/Madagascar 150
Age of Steam: Argentina/French Riviera 150
Age of Steam: Human Body/ Synapses 150
Age of Steam: Fukushima/Chernobyl 150
Age of Steam: Paris/Moscow 150
Age of Steam: Old Europe/51st State 150
Age of Steam: Cuba/Sicilia 150
Age of Steam: Ice Pack/Solar System 150
Age of Steam: Hawaii 150
Age of Steam: Congo/Sweden 200
Age of Steam: San Andreas 150
Age of Steam: Mars 150
Small City Asian Cities Expansion 150
Small City The Beach 100
Small City The Forests 100
Small City The River 100
Small City Godzilla 80
Small City Big expansion tiles 150