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2018-07-20 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Welcome to... - 已試,必入之作,美版8月推出,1 至 100 人之城鎮建遊戲。
Tried this French game once and found it is an interesting. It will release its US version in Aug. A 1 to 100 players' estate building game.

2. Bunny Kingdom: Large Board update - 說來話長。
The story of this order is: in stock so I ordered from IELLO --> no shipment -> wait -> IELLO said not know when will have stock again, want to refund? --> No! --> wait --> suddenly refunded without telling me why --> sent me a newsletter and it is in stock again --> I ordered it again within 5 mins --> Let's see what will happen next.

4. Oh My Goods!: Longsdale in Revolt - 全世界都沒有貨,甚至德文版也消失了。
All suppliers don't have it, even its German edition has disappeared from my German suppliers.

5. Next US Quick Order 2018-07-20 - 下次快閃下單,可訂以下產品:

We can order the following items in our next Quick Order:

The Networks: Telly Time
Concept: Giant Play Mat
Nations: The Dice Game
Downforce Danger Circuit Expansion
Shards of Infinity
Flash Point
Spy Club
Dominant Species (2nd edition)
News at 11
The Resistance
The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31


6. Coming KS pre-orders - 當收到報價後將會登出預訂詳情。
Will post their preorder detail after getting their prices.

Raccoon Tycoon Deluxe
Rise of Tribes Deluxe
Thunderstone Quest the Dungeon
Escape Plan
The Gallerist: Scoring Expansion
SiegeStorm: The SiegeMode