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2018-07-08 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. My Little Scythe - 供應商已有貨,可訂。
Our supplier has stock now, can order.

2. Scythe: The Rise of Fenris - 供應商已有貨,可訂。
Our supplier has stock now, can order.

3. Blue Moon City US$39.99 - 這隻 RK 大師的名作,由 CoolMini 重印,推出日期: 2018-10-26
CoolMini will reprint this game in 2018-10-26

4. Next Quick Order: 2018-07-09 - 下次快閃下單,可訂以下產品:

We can order the following items in our next Quick Order:
Scythe: The Rise of Fenris
My Little Scythe
Funky Chicken
Room 25: Escape Room
Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition
Arkham Horror Return of the Night of the Zealot
Zombicide: Toxic City Mall
Zombicide: BP 3D Doors
The Others: 7 Sins Lust
Dojo Kun
Dogs of War
Arcadia Quest
War of the Ring (Second Edition)
The Walking Dead: All Out War Core Games
Cthulhu Wars: 20 Battle Dice Green
Cthulhu Wars: 20 Battle Dice Red
Cthulhu Wars: 6-8 Dreamlands Map
Cthulhu Wars: 6-8 Player Map Bundle
Cthulhu Wars: 9 Custom Dice
Cthulhu Wars: Azathoth Neutral Expansion
Cthulhu Wars: Colectors Edition Set of minatures (Cultisits and Monsters)
Cthulhu wars: Cosmic Terror Pack
Cthulhu Wars: Glow in the Dark Independent Great Old Ones (minus Glowthulhu)
Cthulhu Wars: Glowthulhu – Independent Cthulhu Great Old One
Cthulhu Wars: High Priest Expansion
Cthulhu wars: Homebrew Faction
Cthulhu Wars: HP Lovecraft Bust
Cthulhu Wars: HP Lovecraft Player Marker
Cthulhu Wars: ON2 Base Game
Cthulhu Wars: Opener of the Way Faction Expansion
Cthulhu Wars: Sleeper Faction Expansion
Cthulhu Wars: The Library at Celaeno Map
Cthulhu Wars: The Tcho-Tcho’s Faction Expansion
Cthulhu Wars: Upgraded Cardstock Items
Cthulhu Wars: Windwalker Faction Expansion