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2018-07-06 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Ultimate Werewolf Legacy - 將於9月在美國推出。
It will release in Sep in US.

2. Sagrada expansion $140 -  將於數日到港。
Will arrive at HK in few days.

3. Tang Garden Deluxe KS preorder - 將會公佈價錢。
Will announce its preorder price soon.

4. Hannibal & Hamilcar KS - 供應商終於有貨了,亦告知了最終價錢和運費,亦加入了兩個 Expansions,會盡快更新到本網站,兩至三星期到港。
Finally the items have arrived at our supplier's warehouse. They just informed us the final price and shipping cost, also will have 2 expansions in this shipment. The shipment will arrive at HK in 2 to 3 weeks.

5. MADEIRA and ZHANGUO 2nd Editions - 將會於7月16日推出 Kickstarter
Will be live on Kickstarter
JULY 16th !

6. Next US Quick Order -
2018-07-06: US order - AEG, GMT, Rio Grande, Renegade, TMG, Amigo, Stonemaier, Corvus Belli, Stronghold, Upper Deck, Game Salute, IDW, Queen Games, Indie Games, Weta, Ares, CGE, Portal:

War Of The Ring 2nd Edition
War Of The Ring: Warriors Of Middle-Earth
Diminant Species 2nd Edition
Welcom to Centerville
Knight Models
Antike Duellum
Hero Realms Hero packs