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Pre-Order: Coimbra


Grand Austria Hotel, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Egizia 的兩個作者又一新作。看完 Tom Vasel 的 Review 後,已找不到理由不找一盒來試試。
It is a new game by the 2 designers of Grand Austria Hotel, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Egizia. After watched the review by Tom Vasel, I cannot find a reason not getting a copy for a try.
We now will pre-order the below item. The expected arrival date will be 2018-08
Coimbra - 預訂價 (Pre-order price) $420
BGG Link:
預訂於 2018-07-10 完結。 
The pre-order will be ended on 2018-07-10
- 交收方法:地鐵站交收 (星期一至五晚,荔枝角至, 至尖沙咀,星期六日時間另議)
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