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2018-06-22 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Nemesis KS - 剛加上了以下兩個新套餐到本網站。
We have added 2 new pledges for Nemesis KS:
Nemesis Sundrop Intruder pledge (All-in) $2150
Nemesis Intruder pledge (All-in) $1680

2. Spirit Island - 終於有一個供應商有貨了,當晚立即下單,付款。希望兩星期內到港,欲購從速。該晚之後,他們已全部部給掃清,未知何時再有下一水。
Finally one supplier has stock again and I ordered it at once before I went to bed. When I woke up today morning, all stocks have gone. Hope it will arrive at HK in 2 weeks.

3. Columbia Games - 現可代訂任何此出版社的戰棋, 歡迎問價。
Now we can order their wargames for you, you are welcome to ask for their prices.

4. Dragon Castle (English Edition) $360 - 下星期到貨。
It will arrive next week.

5. A Handful of Stars - Treefrog 之最後出品,Martin Wallace 告知只出產了 2500 盒,之後再印的話將會是 FFG 的版本。我們將會推出預訂。List price $760, Preorder $700。敬請留意。
It will be the last product by Treefrog. Martin Wallace has told us that he has printed 2500 copies only. After that, FFG may publish their own version. We will have a pre-order on it soon. List price $760, Preorder $700. Stay tuned.