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2018-05-22 最新 BG 情報 BG


1. Brass KS - 資料顯示 Retail 版會於九月美國推出,希望我們會於7月或8月收到 KS 吧!
Retail release date is Sep, so hope that we will receive its KS packages in July or Aug. Delay, delay....

2. Grimm Forest $400 - 運港中,兩星期內到港。
Our supplier has stock now, shipping to HK now. Will arrive at HK in 2 weeks

3. Hatsuden, Tribe, Ponkutzo Factory - 我們可訂購這三隻由日本 itten (Tokyo Highway 的出版社) 出品的 BG
We can order the above 3 BGs from itten (Publisher of Tokyo Highway which is out of stock now)
Hatsuden $120
Tribe $200
Ponkutzo Factory $220

4. Madeira and Zhanguo are Back - What's Your Game 已宣布會為此兩 BG 推出第二版,會放上KS 並會有 upgrade pack. 對於 Madeira 這隻經典,不會錯過吧!
What's Your Game has announced these 2 games will have 2nd edition and upgrade pack. Will put them to KS. It is your good chance to collect this classic Madeira.

5. Betrayal Legacy - WOC 會於11月推出 Legacy。
Wizards of the Coast will release a legacy game for the Brtrayal family in Nov.

6. Special Discount from supplier - 美國又有特價,將會於 2018-05-28 下單,歡迎問價,現列出以下特價貨。
One of our US suppliers has the following items to have special discount. If you are interested, please PM me for price. We will have a Quick Order on this supplier on May 28, 2018.

End of the Line $250
Exoplanets: The Great Expanse
Flip City: Reuse
Food Fighters
Food Fighters: PB and J Faction Expansion
Food Fighters: Problem Picnic
Abyss: The Universe Art Book
Concept: Giant Play Mat 30" x 30" $130
Parfum $170
The Staufer Dynasty $280