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2018-05-15 最新 BG 情報 BG


1. Love Letter - Z-Man 已從 AEG 手上取得 Love Letter 的發行權,相信這對 AEG 來說是明智的,Love Letter 已賣了很多了。
Z-Man has took Love Letter from AEG for its English editions. This is a smart move for AEG as the sales of this title seems to be dropped.

2. History of the World - 大受歡迎了,供應商只會給我一盒,下次會再努力訂多一些。
It may be too hot, my supplier can only give me one copy only in the coming shipment. Will try to order more in next order.

3. Cuba Libre, A Distant Plain - GMT 會於7月重印。
GMT will reprint them in July, 2018

4. SDJ 2018 - 2018 的各項提名已於今天公佈, 所有以下 BG 均已或會在本店有售:
SDJ Award - Azul, Luxor, The Mind
SDJ Expert - Ganz schon clever, Heaven & Ale, Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg
SDJ Kid - Emojito, Funkelschatz, Panic Mansion