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2018-05-09 最新 BG 情報 BG


1. Wendake - Renegade 將會於 10 月推出這隻意大利 BG,價錢較意版為低。
Renegade will release this US edition in October with a lower price.

2. Thunderstone Quest - 太受歡迎了,出版社與本店均已全部售罄,未有重印計劃。
It is a hot game, both the publisher and me have sold it all out. They don't have any plan for the reprint at this moment.

3. GKR: Heavy Hitters Board Game - 所有美國批發商均已售罄。
All US retail distributors have sold it out now.

4. Santorini - 斷貨多月,終於供應商有貨了,今次由 Spin Master 重新推出,價錢減至 $270,請即預訂。
Finally it has been reprinted by another publisher calls Spin Master. Our suppliers now have stocks and its price dropped to $270. Please order at once.

5. Brass KS - 希望五月到貨。
Hopefully it will be in May.

6. Space Base - 本星期五或六到貨。
It will arrive on Fri or Sat.

7. Imaginarium - 下星期到貨。
It will arrive next week.

8. Agra - 供應商有貨了,可訂。
Our suppliers have stock now, can order.