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2018-04-06 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Quick Order - 供應商現有以下現貨,下單日期為星期日晚:
Our supplier has stocks of the below items, will place order to them on Sun night:

Lorenzo Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance $270
Railways of the World (10th Anniversary Edition) $670
Arkham Horror: The Forgotten Age $230
Black Orchestra $430
Champions of Midgard: Deluxe Game Mat $200
Super Dungeon Arena $300
Covil: The Dark Overlords (Kickstarter Bundle: Core, Outposts, Chaotic Evil) $480
Pot de Vin $120
Arcadia Quest $660

2. Hannibal & Hamilcar KS - 它的出版社 Phalanx 似乎忘記了我的訂單或是搞不妥運輸,推了我到另一供應商,價錢有所上升。好在它的KS 跟 Retail edition 是完全一樣的。同時亦會包括它的兩個 expansions. 有可能會 Black List Phalanx 以後的 KS projects.
Its publisher Phalanx seems forgot about my order or failed to manage the shipping for me. He just forward me to another supplier. Now checking the final price with the new supplier and the price may be increased but the shipment will be sure to include the two expansions. Lucky that its KS edition is the same as its retail edition. May black list Phalanx for their future KS project.

3. Viticulture: Visit from the Rhine Valley $150 - 新的並可能是 Viticulture 之最後一隻 Expansion. 六月一日推出。
A new and final expansion of Viticulture, just got its price US$20 and release date will be June 1

4. Scythe: The Wind Gambit $200 - 供應商終於有貨了,兩星期後到港,未下單的朋友請即下單。
Our supplier has stock now. Will arrive in 2 weeks, please order it in our site if u have not.

5. 平遙 $460 - 一隻由中國山西人仕出品的德式策略桌遊,已加到本店中。

6.. Space Base - AEG 又一新作,似乎很多供應商都力推此作,但似乎還未有 Video review。看了玩法介紹,相信是一隻 Machi Koro 和 Dice City 的 Advance 版本,套用了太空船主題,現有評語似乎不錯,很想一試。推出日期: 2018-04-25
A new game from AEG. Lot of suppliers promoted a lot on it but it seems there are not many video reviews yet. Some gameplays of dice management based on Machi Koro, it may be an advanced version of Machi Koro or Dice City. Most comments of it sre good, would like to try it at once. Release date: 2018-04-25