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2018-03-27 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Sagrada: 5 & 6 Player Expansion $140 - 6月到貨。
Will arrive in June.

2. Sagrada - 已全部售罄,四月中再到貨。
All have been sold out. It will arrive again in middle of April.

3. Quick Order - 下一次美國下單截單日期: 2018-03-28
歡迎代訂任何美國現貨,請 pm 查詢。

4. AuZtralia KS - 它的 KS creator 並沒有 Retailer Pledge,只會入口由 Stronghold 發行的零售版,價錢暫定 HK$420。並不包含 Cthulhu Mini (似乎這是唯一與KS 的分別)。
Its KS creator does not provide a retailer pledge so we will only be able to import it's retail edition from Stronghold. Its price will be HK$420, does not include the Cthulhu Mini (which seems to be the only difference between retail ver and KS ver)

5. 將會提供預訂之 Kickstarter -
Will have the following Kickstarter preorder soon -
Architects of the West Kingdom
Deca Slayer

6. Fury of Dracula - Wizkids may reprint it in 2018, no more FFG version.