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2018-02-12 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Great Western Trail: Rails to the North $250 - 出街日: 2018-06
It will release in June, 2018

2. The Gods War (Kickstarter) - 原來我有 Back 的,可預訂所有項目。
I forgot I have backed its retailer pledge. Can pre-order any item in this KS now.

3. Sunrise City: Nights $160 - 供應商終於有貨,可訂。
My suppliers have stock now, can order.

4. Dragon Castle $450 - 出街日: 2018-05-28,可預訂。
Release date is May 28, can be pre-order now.

5. Nusfjord $480 - 運港中,可訂。Uwe Sir 好評之作。
Shipping to HK now, can order. Mr. Uwe's good game.

6. Azul Chinese edition $300 - 可能下星期到貨,可訂。
May arrive at HK next week, can order.

7. Two Rooms and A Boom and expansion - 10 至 30, 50人之瘋狂 Party Game, 運港中,可訂。
Supports 10 to 30 or 50 players, shipping to HK now, can order.

8. Coin: Pendragon - 供應商已有貨,星期三下單,未下單的請星期三前下單。
My supplier has stock now, will place order on Wed. Please order it before Wed if you have not.