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2017-10-21 最新情報 BG News


1. Porta Nigra - 供應商大減價,由$390減至$280
Supplier has dropped its price. Now dropped to $280 from $390
2. Versailles - 供應商減價,由$350減至$280
Supplier has dropped its price. Dropped from $350 to $280
3.. Agra - 所有貨已到,已全部被訂。正式推出日期為十月二十六日。
Finally all copies have arrived. All have been pre-ordered. Its official release date is Oct 26th.
4. Sagrada - 有機會下星期尾到。
Hope it will arrive next weekend.
5. Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game! - 此人氣 LCG 已到貨,供應商已全部售清,要買就快手。
This hot LCG has arrived. My supplier has sold out all. If you want take one, be quick.
6. Legend of the Five Rings: Tears of Amaterasu - 推出日期為十一月。
Release date is Nov.
7. Cities of Splendor (English Edition) - 已大量到貨。
Just arrived.
8. Clank!: In! Space! $430 - 供應商已有貨,推出日期為十月二十五日。
My suppliers have stock now. Its release date is Oct 25th.
9. Keyper Character Edition -  全部售罄,下星期到貨。
All have been sold out. It will arrive next week.
10. The Bloody Inn: The Carnies - 推出日期為十一月。
Its release date is Nov.