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2017-10-07 最新情報


1. This War of Mine - 已運港中,可訂。
Shipping to HK now, can order it.

2. Crowbox Organizer - 可代訂所有以下由 烏鴉出品的1木製 Board Game Organizer:
Can order the following organizers from Crowbox:

7 Wonders
7 Wonders Duel
A Game of Thrones
Arkham Horror LCG
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Food Chain Magnate(JP)
King of Tokyo
Small World
Terra Mystica
Terraforming Mars

3. Ex Libris - 美國出街日 2017-10-25
US release date: 2017-10-25

4. Agra - 部分已到貨。下星期再到。
Only part of it arrived. Will have more next week

5. Clans of Caledonia + Metal Coins - 運港中,希望下星期到。
Shipping to HK, hope it will arrive next week.

6. Legend of The Five Ring - 希望 一星期到港,供應商已售罄,未有 Restock 日期。
Hope my order will arrive in a week, my supplier has sold it out, don't have its restock date.

7. Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game, Civilization: Fame & Fortune Expansion, Civilization: Wisdom and Warfare Expansion - 已再重印了,可代訂。
These 3 items will be reprinted and released

8. Sagrada - 估不到此 Game 竟然超賣,供應商極缺貨,剛找到另一供應商將會有貨,未預訂的朋友請即行動,慢了可能不夠貨分配。
So surprised that so many people want this game. All suppliers sold out it already. Just found another supplier can fulfill all my orders. If you still have not ordered it, please do it at once. Not sure will I have enough for stock.