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2017-08-02 最新情報


1. Exit - 已全部售清。未知可時有第三水。
Exit have all been sold out. Not sure when will be next shipment.
2. Flamme Rouge - 第二水運港中,可預訂。
Next shipment will arrive soon, please order it.
3. Heart of Crown KS - 運港中,兩星期後到,可預訂。
It is shipping to HK now, will arrive in 2 weeks
4. Scythe Legendary Box - 供應商可能有少量貨可預訂,先訂先得。一個雙倍厚度的空盒。
My supplier may have some boxes, please order. It is a double thickness empty box.
5. Le Havre - 已重見天日,今晚下單,兩星期後到貨。未下單的請即下單。
Finally it has been reprinted, will arrive at HK in 2 weeks. Please place order if you have not.
6. Champions of Midgard - Realistic Resource tokens 30 Meat and 20 Wood - 供應商已有貨,可訂。
Supplier has stock now, can order it.
7. Zombicide: Black Pledge - 供應商終於有貨了,少量運港中。
Finally my supplier has restocked it, limited qty is shipping to HK.
8. Caverna: Cave vs Cave - 運港中,兩星期後到,可預訂。
Shipping to HK now, will arrive in 2 weeks, can order.
9. London: Second Edition - 這隻 Martin Wallace 的舊作,今次改由 Osprey Games 出品,發行日為: 2017-10-19
This old game from Martin Wallace will be reprinted by Osprey Games and the release date will be 2017-10-19.