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Quick Order Alert 快閃下單 (2017-07-25)


今晩將㑹完成下單,14 至 20 日後到港。如有任何 BG 想參與此次訂購,請於今日(2017-07-25) 8pm 前下單或 Whatsapp (98621452) 查詢。
We will have an order to complete to our supplier tomorrow. If you want to order any item in this order, please order it before tonight 8pm (2017-07-25) , or contact me by Whatsapp (98621452) or at here.
The below items can be ordered now:
Caverna: Cave vs Cave $200
PolyHero Warrior Set - Crimson with Bone White $160
PolyHero Warrior Set - Black with Goblin Green $160
PolyHero Warrior Set - Vorpal Purple with Amber $160
PolyHero Warrior Set - Steel Grey with Molten Copper $160