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2016-07-02 US 到貨 (US New Arrival)



Will inform everybody to pick up.


Now list all of this arrival at below:


Bang! The Dice Game
Magnum Platinum Card Sleeves 61 X 112 MM `Dwarf King` French Tarot Sized (Sold Out)
Twilight Squabble
Agricola Revised Edition (Sold Out)
Warmachine: Khador Ruin Character Heavy Warjack (White Metal and Resin)
Warmachine: Khador Battle Mechanik Officer Unit Attachment
Warmachine: Khador Man-O-War Bombardiers Unit (Plastic)
Warmachine: Cygnar Trencher Commandos Unit
Warmachine: Cygnar Lord General Coleman Stryker Epic Warcaster (White Metal)
Warmachine: Khador Man-O-War Kovnik Solo
Warmachine: Khador Template Set (acrylic)
Warmachine Khador Faction Dice Set (6)
Warmachine: Khador Assault Kommandos Unit
Isle of Skye
Warmachine: Khador Iron Fang Pikemen/Black Dragons Unit Attachment (plastic)
No Thanks!
Commands and Colors: Ancients 2nd Edition (Sold Out)
Cuba Libre - COIN Series Volume 2 (Sold Out)
Android: Netrunner: Fear the Masses
Android: Netrunner: The Liberated Mind
Blood Bound (Sold Out)
7 Wonders Duel 
Dungeons and Dragons Dice Masters: Battle for Faerun Starter Set
Risk: The Walking Dead Survival Edition (Sold Out)
Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Battle for Faerun Gravity Feed (Sold Out)
Ticket To Ride Board Game (Sold Out)
Red November Revised Edition (Sold Out)
Elder Sign: Omens of Ice Expansion
Elder Sign: Grave Consequences (Sold Out)