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2016-02-05 土星級到貨 (Class Saturn New Arrival)


Now list all of our class Saturn arrival at below:

Porta Nigra
Flick´em Up!
Skull King (Sold Out)
Orleans - Fan-Kit Expansion (Sold Out)
Orleans - Invasion Expansion (Sold Out)
The Voyages of Marco Polo
Geistesblitz 5 vor 12
Terra Mystica (German Edition)
Terra Mystica Big Box (German/Korean)
Click Clack Lumberjack (Kickstarter)
Grand Austria Hotel
Walnut Grove
No Thanks!
Flash Point (Sold Out)
A World at War (Sold Out)
The Golden Ages: Cults and Cultures Expansion
Power Grid (Sold Out)
Shiver Stone Castle (Sold Out)
One Night Ultimate Vampire


Porta Nigra - MK & WK 再次合作,繼 Carrar 後又一大作

Flick'em Up! - Wooden Box? So heavy


Terra Mystica Big Box --- 可能是最後一盒


The Golden Ages new expansion - Cults & Culture

One Night Ultimate Vampire --- No more werewolf?

Grand Austria Hotel --- The Voyages of Marco Polo 後新作



Click Clack Lumberjack --- 等了等,終於到貨