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Corporate America 官商勾結


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Year Published: 2013
No. of Players: 3 to 6
Ages: 13 and up
Playing Time: 90 to 120 minutes

Corporate America是一隻集合經濟與政治的Board Game,支援 3 至 6 人。你會化身為企業的CEO,控制人口、政府和其他玩家來令到你的公司獲得最大的利益。最後,當然是最富有的為勝。遊戲中每回合分為4個階段:
1. Wall Street Phase --- 購買你的行業。
2. Main Street Phase --- 選擇消費卡,不擇手段(包括賄賂對手)來賺到盡。
3. Campaign Trail Phase --- 準備競選總統,瘋狂拉票吧!
4. Capitol Hill Phase --- 用金錢來Bid個總統回來,之後當然是一朝得志,語無倫次,利用總統的權力來通過利己的法案,增加自己行業的利益。



"我曾為這遊戲進行測試,並愛上了它。它是一隻擁有策略和政治元素的Party Game。在遊戲中我會精心地計劃如何令別人與我同盟而當没有利用價值時又可打敗他們。同時,它的卡牌和主題為我們帶來很多笑話和歡樂。真的希望可盡快擁有它的正式出品。"

In Corporate America, a political satire game about corporate influence of government, players take the role of corporations that manipulate the population, government, and each other to maximize profits. Players keep their money secret until the end of the game, when the player with the most money wins. Each game turn progresses through four phases:

• In the Wall Street Phase, players start businesses (like Trius and Oggle Search) which fall into various industries (like transportation, luxury, and technology).

• In the Main Street Phase, players take turns playing consumer cards, which determine which businesses make money. Players can manipulate the population and can bribe each other to make sure their business products get consumed.

• In the Campaign Trail Phase, a number of election issues are revealed and players get the opportunity to run for president. After players electioneer, players secretly bid on candidates to determine who will be the next president. After three bid rounds, whoever has raised the most money in the campaign wins the election.

• In the Capitol Hill Phase, the new president is rewarded with an Executive Privilege card, which grants a special power, and can then pass legislation to impact businesses and the rules of the game. The president can keep campaign promises or blatantly break them for personal gain!

The game ends after a set number of turns. Whoever has the most money at the end of the game wins!

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