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Three Kingdoms Redux 已到貨!


Three Kingdoms Redux 已火速到手,估不到它的盒子並不很厚,只有大約1.5",但重量就接近5磅,感覺非常重,立即來個開箱吧!
主版塊 (很大塊!)
Tile board x 6
武將和特別卡 x 4
遊戲輔助紙 x 3
規則 x 1


Three Kingdoms Redux has just arrived. It does not have a very thick box, just about 1.5" while its weight is about 5 lbs. I feel it is so heavy and condense. So let's us just do an unbox on it.


Main board x 1

Tile board x 6

Cards x 4 packs

Rulebook x 1

Player aids x 3










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