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2022-05-08 最新 BG 情報 BG Insider News


1. KS pre-orders Coming Soon --- KS 預告
Wreckland Run
Darkest Doom
Kingdoms Forlorn: Dragons, Devils and Kings
Through Ice and Snow

2. Coming shipment next weeks:
Kohaku $280
War Chest: Nobility $170
Saboteur $90
Lost Ruins Of Arnak: Expedition Leaders $260
Saboteur 2 (expansion-only editions) $90
Terra Mystica: Big Box (2022 Edition) $1200
Terra Mystica: Automa Solo Box $160
Terra Mystica: Merchants of the Seas Expansion $380
Fantastic Factories: Manufactions (Both Expansions! Pledge)(Kickstarter) $360
Folded Space: 7 Wonders Duel V2 $100
Folded Space: Agricola $140
Folded Space: Caverna $190
Folded Space: Dead of Winter or The Long Night $150
Folded Space: A Feast for Odin $150
Folded Space: Spirit Island or Jagged Earth $150
Folded Space: Raiders of Scythia $140
Folded Space: Stone Age & Expansions $190
Tiny Epic Defenders Second Edition $180
US Civil War 2nd Edition $640
Root: Exiles & Partisans Deck $70
Mayday Sleeves (100) 63.5 x 88mm (Green) MDG7041 $20
Magnum Copper Sleeves 65mm x 100mm (7 Wonders)(100)(MDG 7102) $25
In a Grove (Yabunonaka) 藪の中 $180
MicroMacro: Crime City $240
MicroMacro: Crime City – Full House $240
Floriferous $180
Costume Party Detective $180
Machi Koro 2 $260
Kokopelli $540
Clank!: The Mummy's Curse $170
Dominion: Allies $360
Concordia: Solitaria $200
Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War $180
The Last Hundred Yards Volume 3: The Solomon Islands $450
Deep Space D-6: Armada $480
Folded Space: Orleans V2 $140

3. Black Rose Wars: Rebirth (Kickstarter) ---
Its Pledge Manager (PM) has been opened, can order any Addon for you, please contact me to add to our site.

4. Yucata --- Mountain Goats, CuBirds, Magnastorm, Innovation have been ported to Yucata
新移植的 BGs

6. Cuzco $350 -
Our supplier has special discount on this item