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Asmodee 快閃下單 Quick Order 2021-01-09


預計下單日期: 2021-01-11,3,4 星期到港。
Next expected order date: 2021-01-11, will arrive in 3 to 4 weeks.
Please PM me to order any of below items that is not in our website:

AH LCG: Where Doom Awaits
AH LCG: The Forgotten Age Deluxe
AH LCG: The Dream-Eaters
AH LCG: The Search for Kadath
AH LCG: A Thousand Shapes of Horror
AH LCG: Weaver of the Cosmos
AH LCG: Nathaniel Cho Starter Deck
AH LCG: Harvey Walters Starter Deck
AH LCG: Winifred Habbamock Starter Deck
AH LCG: Jacqueline Fine Starter Deck
AH LCG: Stella Clark Starter Deck
Sid Meier's Civilization: Terra Incognit
Catan Ext: 5-6 Player
CATAN 25th Anniversary Edition
Captain Sonar: Operation Dragon Expansio
Ticket to Ride: Europe
Ticket to Ride Amsterdam
Memoir '44: New Flight Plan
Ghost Stories
Letters from Whitechapel
A la Carte
Jamaica: The Crew
Just One (White Box)
1830 (Revised Edition)
Ora and Labora
Oh My Goods: Longsdale in Revolt Exp
Caverna: Cave vs Cave 2nd Era Expansion
Barenpark: Bad News Bears Expansion
Nusfjord Salmon Expansion Deck
Grand Austria Hotel
Agricola: Artifex Deck Expansion
Mansions of Madness: Path of the Serpent
7 Wonders: Duel Agora
Shadows: Amsterdam
7 Wonders New Edition
Troyes Dice
AH: Curse of the Rougarou Scenario Pack
Arkham Horror: Carnevale of Horrors
Letters from Whitechapel
Letters from Whitechapel: Dear Boss
Pandemic: Legacy Season 0
Fallout: Atomic Bonds Cooperative