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Pre-Order: Sherlock (Q-System)(by GDM Games)


We now will pre-order the below items. The expected arrival date will be 2020-08

GDM Games 是一間位於西班牙的BG出版社,在這兩年間推出了頗受歡迎的 Sherlock Q-System 系列,

2019 Spiel des Jahres Recommended:
2019 SDJ
Sherlock: Death on the 4th of July
Sherlock: Last Call
Sherlock: The Tomb of the Archaeologist

Sherlock: Death on the 4th of July - 零售價 (List Price) $70

Sherlock: Last Call - 零售價 (List Price) $70

Sherlock: The Tomb of the Archaeologist - 零售價 (List Price) $70

Sherlock: Don's Legacy - 零售價 (List Price) $70

Sherlock: Propagation - 零售價 (List Price) $70

Sherlock: 13 Hostages - 零售價 (List Price) $70

Myths at War (Aztec, Greek, and Elder One) - 零售價 (List Price) $250

4 Data Brokers - 零售價 (List Price) $80

Mythsgate - 零售價 (List Price) $250

Troia - 零售價 (List Price) $150

Ulanga - 零售價 (List Price) $150

Gizeh! - 零售價 (List Price) $80

Veracruz 1631 - 零售價 (List Price) $150


預訂於 2020-08-10 完結。售價回復至零售價。請於完結後一星期內付款。
The pre-order will be ended on 2020-08-10. The price will be back to list price. Please pay within one week.

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