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掃平貨特報 Special Discount Order 2020-05-20


又是買平 Games 的時候,供應商推出以下特價:
Time to buy games with low prices, our supplier has the following special discount items:
預計下單日期: 2020-05-20,到港: 2020-07。
Expected order date: 2020-05-20, will arrive in 2020-07.
Escape Zombie City Big Box $500
Kepler-3042 $380
King's Will $250 (In stock now)
Lancaster $350
Passing Through Petra $300 (In stock now)
Princes of the Renaissance $220 (In stock now)
Rescue Polar Bears Board Game $350 (In stock now)
Reykholt $300 (In stock now)
Talisman: Legendary Tales $230
Unauthorized $80 (In stock now)
Papa Paolo $400 (In stock now)
Pioneers $300
12 Thieves $230
Solaris $280