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2020-05-05 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. New added pre-orders: 新增 Pre-order
Santa Monica
Final Girl (Kickstarter)
The Defence of Procyon III (Kickstarter)
2. Next US Quick Order 2020-05-05 ---
Will order the following items, you can join:
Egizia: Shifting Sands
Mystic Vale: Vale of the Wild
Millennium Blades: Sponsors Expansion
Millennium Blades: Fusion Expansion
Millennium Blades: Futures Expansion
Root: Riverfolk
Roll for the Galaxy
Arctic Scavengers: Base Game with HQ and Recon
Power Grid: Recharged Edition
Underwater Cities: New Discoveries expansion
Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium
Terraforming Mars: The Colonies
The Pursuit Of Happiness
Epic Card Game
Not Alone
Not Alone: Exploration
3. BaRRacuda $130 --- 供應商有特價,可訂。
Our supplier has special discount on this game now. Can order it for you.
4. Steamrollers --- 已移植到
It has just been ported to
5. City Council $150 --- 供應商推出特價,有現貨。
Our supplier has special discount on it to $150
6. Hansa Teutonica Big Box --- 出版社已推遲至 Aug 15, 2020
The publisher has delayed its release to Aug 15, 2020
7. Jubako $300 --- 由 Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer 合作的又一傑作。
It is another good game by Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer.
8. Watergate $260 --- 這隻人氣大盛的2P Game,經常在美國售罄。有一供應商將會有少量貨到,請即預訂。
It is a great game and always sold out in US. Our supplier will have few copies soon. If you want one, please order it now before it is too late.